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About Sweatygamerr.com

Did you ever have a problem looking for good reviews on <best gaming headsets> in your country within South East Asia? I know how you feel. I did too, then I realized that maybe I could buy these products and review them for you.

If you’re trying to figure out which product fits best for you, then this blog will help.

Growing up I mostly used a low end pc with basic gaming peripherals. We all know how serious a game can get when you’re trying to win a game or even rank up. When I finally had some money from my parents, I decided to get my very own branded set of gaming peripherals to further increase my advantage against my opponents.

When I looked for reviews online, there was one problem all the best gaming peripherals we’re way too expensive. Some of the reviews showed affordable brands, but had poor quality materials. I was disappointed, so I decided to review them myself. Enjoy!


The idea behind Sweatygamerr is for veteran gamers, like myself, provide honest information about different gaming related products in the form of a list.

Ideally, this blog will be the last destination for amateur and semi-professional gamers when making up their minds about picking the best product that fits their gaming needs. Whether it may be a gaming laptop, gaming desktop components, gaming peripherals for the pc, laptop, or  mobile.

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